CNN: Warren Lost Because…Sexism

( – Even before Senator Elizabeth Warren chose to back out of the presidential race, CNN chose to rationalize her campaign’s giant failures by calling voters…sexist.

During the early hours of Wednesday morning, after voters in 14 states went to the ballot boxes for Super Tuesday, a CNN panel discussed Warren’s miserable performance and claimed voters were just too sexist to make her campaign a success.

Host Don lemon, along with several guests, suggested that the only reason people didn’t support Warren was that she was a woman. At around 3:30am EST, Lemon initiated the talk of sexism by saying, “I want to bring it now to the women who are here to talk about that.”

Yes Don, because only women can talk about women candidates.

“You have these women, these very strong, very powerful, very smart women in this race. You had Hillary Clinton, who is defeated despite winning the popular vote. You have Elizabeth Warren who didn’t do well, Amy Klobuchar who has dropped out of this race. You had this very diverse Democratic Party and then you have the women, you have all the white guys who have the delegates. What’s going on here?”

Lemon chose not to talk about the many white men who failed in the race, including the supposedly sexist billionaire Michael Bloomberg and the equally rich white guy, Tom Steyer.

Jackie Kucinich, a columnist for The Daily Beast, said she believed Klobuchar lost because of a lack of funding but that Warren had no reason to fail.

“If just the fact that this ground game did not turn out votes for her, did not get people to the polls for Elizabeth Warren is really – there’s really a lot of digging as to why that didn’t happen, whether it’s sexism, whether it’s the fact someone did just change their mind. I heard women when I was in Iowa tell me ‘we’re Warren fans’.”

Kucinich then said that those same women in Iowa said they didn’t believe a woman could beat Donald Trump.

Lemon then, shockingly, suggested that the electorate are really just terrible people.

“But, you’re reading my mind. I’m wanting – does it say something about the candidate or about the electorate?”

If the electorate doesn’t want a candidate that has lied about losing her job over pregnancy and lied about being Native American, then they are within their right to reject her, Don!