CNN Viewership Collapses As Americans Have Gotten Sick Of Them

( The problem with building programming on the back of Donald Trump is once Donald Trump leaves office, there’s nothing holding up your programming anymore. CNN learned this the hard way. Since the beginning of Biden’s term, CNN’s ratings have taken a nosedive. And in a desperate attempt to regain its dwindling viewers, the former cable news network went all-in on COVID Fear Porn.

Sadly, COVID Fear Porn isn’t working out the way CNN hoped.

In the final week of July, not one of CNN’s primetime shows was able to draw a million viewers. Not one.

Overall, the total-viewer primetime averages among the three cable news networks showed CNN drawing a miserable average of 706,000 viewers. Fox News led the pack with an average of 1.986 million. MSNBC was a distant second with 1.127 million viewers.

And among the all-important 25-54 demographic – the demo most appealing to potential advertisers – CNN’s viewership was downright pathetic.

Primetime averages in the 25-54 demo showed CNN with an anemic 150,000 viewers. Fox News was again on top with 272,000. MSNBC barely squeaked past CNN with 157,000.

Daytime viewership was equally embarrassing for the Democrat Propaganda Outlet. While Fox enjoyed an average viewership of 1.129 million for its daytime programming, CNN dragged well behind with 558,000. Over at MSNBC, the average daytime viewership was 751,000.

Among the 25-54 demo, MSNBC came in dead last with 99,000. CNN managed to pull in an average of 110,000. And Fox News came out on top with 170,000.

August isn’t shaping up to be much better for CNN. Primetime programming on August 3 once again showed CNN unable to break a million viewers. The closest it came was Chris Cuomo’s 9:00 pm August 3 show which pulled in 930,000 viewers. However, it’s worth noting that this particular episode of Cuomo’s show was the one that aired the same day NY Attorney General Letitia James released her report on Chris’ brother, Governor Andrew Cuomo. What are the odds Cuomo’s nominally-high viewership for August 3 had something to do with people tuning in to see if Andrew’s little brother said something about that breaking scandal?

Meanwhile, over at Fox News on August 3, Sean Hannity still pulled in more than double that of Chris Cuomo – drawing 2.389 million viewers.

CNN could decide to revamp its format to deliver actual news reporting. But it won’t.

Instead, it will double down on COVID fear porn hoping an endless supply of fearmongering will entice viewers to return.

So far, however, it isn’t working.