CNN Uses Platform To Launch False Allegations Against Ron DeSantis

( In its ongoing effort to deflect blame from the White House for Joe Biden bungling the COVID pandemic, on Monday, CNN’s “New Day” played host to Miami Beach’s Democrat Mayor Dan Gelber who proceeded to accuse Governor Ron DeSantis and the state legislature of actively discouraging people from getting vaccinated.

What an egregious lie.

Gelber told fill-in host John Avlon that state leaders in Florida are more interested in preventing people from getting vaccinated than they are in encouraging vaccinations. To Gelber’s twisted way of thinking, opposing mandates for vaccines is the same as opposing vaccines. This is how stupid this man is.

But Avlon played along because CNN needs to find someone else to blame for Biden’s failures. He suggested to Gelber that perhaps Ron DeSantis has “effectively made this pandemic worse” in Florida.

Naturally, Gelber agreed, telling Avlon that there was “no question” DeSantis made it worse. He accused DeSantis of wanting people to catch the virus to achieve herd immunity. And because DeSantis did that, Gelber claimed, it allowed variants to “sort of come back.”

Yeah, he just accused Ron DeSantis of being responsible for the Delta variant that originated in India and the Omicron variant that originated in South Africa.

Meanwhile, last week New York State recorded its highest daily case rate ever. But nobody on CNN blamed New York Governor Kathy Hochul for causing this surge in cases.

But CNN never hesitates to find some DeSantis-hater to come on the air and blame DeSantis for Florida’s cases.

And Gelber was the perfect useful idiot. He also told Avlon that Ron DeSantis “champions” not getting vaccinated for political reasons.

But not once has Ron DeSantis spoken out against getting vaccinated. He has consistently encouraged people to do so. The only thing he refused to do is force people to get vaccinated.

As of December 29, 65.99 percent of Floridians were fully vaccinated. Over 77 percent have had at least one shot. Nationally, 63.68 percent of people are fully-vaccinated and 75.31 percent have had at least one shot.

In other words, Florida’s vaccination rate is higher than the national average.

The odious John Avlon wrapped things up by pointing out that more people have died of COVID in Florida than the total number of Americans killed during the Vietnam War.

Yeah, so?

The same can be said for California, Texas, and New York.

No wonder nobody watches CNN.