CNN Suggests True Report Is Disinformation

According to a report, the House Judiciary Committee questioned FBI Director Christopher Wray, who CNN idolizes. According to a CNN panel, some accusations against the FBI were the imaginations of Republicans. The panel was moderated by anchor Dana Bash and featured Axios’ Margaret Talev and political analyst Nia Malika Henderson.

While acknowledging that Wray had previously confessed errors had been made concerning the issue with the Catholic Church, Bash briefly noted that supervision of the FBI was Congress’ duty, and there were some genuine concerns to be posed.

Incredibly, CNN’s Josh Campbell defended the FBI not long after that. He claimed that any possible targeting of parents or placement of spies in Catholic churches was done to forestall attacks on a similar scale to those with the bombing of Oklahoma City and 9/11 in New York City.

According to a report, the Justice Department in 2021 had no basis for pursuing parents at school board meetings, according to a study issued Tuesday by a congressional select panel probing the weaponization of government.

The report was written by members of the subcommittee and the judicial committee based on their examination of newly subpoenaed records from the Department of Education, the Department of Justice,  and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. 

According to the report, the papers subpoenaed prove that the Attorney General’s order to involve the government’s law enforcement in local school board problems was not justified on a national scale.  Local law enforcement agencies unanimously opposed the order and voiced a desire to have their own jurisdictions handle local problems that may arise.  According to the documents already subpoenaed, the Justice Department’s activities were more of a political response to the current climate than a genuine security response to any statewide danger.  

The study included communications between the different U.S. attorneys’ offices and the Justice Department’s headquarters office, revealing that almost all judicial districts had not experienced any threats and violence against school officials.

It also said that no federal charges were filed in connection with the roughly two dozen investigations the FBI started on parents, some of which were probed by the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division.