CNN Suggests Biden Should Invite Trump To Funeral Of Queen

( Last week CNN anchor Jake Tapper stupidly suggested that President Biden has a say over who can or cannot be invited to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral in London next week.

Does Jake Tapper think Biden is the social secretary at Buckingham Palace?

Heaven knows our country would be better off if he were.

During a panel discussion on Tapper’s show “The Lead” Friday evening, Tapper said it will be up to Joe Biden to decide whether or not he brings former presidents to the Queen’s funeral.

That isn’t accurate. The White House admitted this week that the President and First Lady will be the only ones attending as the invitation from the UK was only extended to the two of them.

Where Jake Tapper got his information is anybody’s guess. But he was wrong.

Tapper said he thought it is a no-brainer that Biden would invite Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Jimmy Carter. He then asked CNN’s chief national affairs correspondent Jeff Zeleny if he thought Biden will also invite Trump.

Again, this is an exercise in futility since Biden was never in any position to invite anyone to the Queen’s funeral.

Never invite Jake Tapper to your wedding. He might show up with a bunch of people you didn’t know were coming.

Zeleny said he heard from “a couple of diplomatic officials” who said it would be easier if Trump “wasn’t in the picture.” But he added that Biden might invite Trump “in the spirit of forgiving and giving.”

Tapper suggested “the clever move” would be for Biden to invite Trump “and see if he goes.”

It’s only “clever” if Biden was in a position to invite Trump in the first place.

But since the invitations are from the UK, it isn’t particularly clever at all.