CNN Star Admits Biden Made A “Huge Mistake”

( Washington Post columnist and CNN commentator Paul Kane recently noted during a CNN interview that President Joe Biden’s horrible messaging and disastrous policies are likely to blow up in his face.

As if they haven’t already…

“It’s the worst kind of problem, they have a policy problem and a messaging problem,” Kane admitted. He added that the policy side problem is that the Biden administration focused only on vaccines, thinking that they could “vaccinate their way out of this problem.”

Obviously, that didn’t work.

He also reminded CNN viewers that back in 2020, during the Trump presidency, far-left House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was focusing on a “testing, testing, testing” message during the outbreak of the pandemic. And while testing might well help, the Democrats appear to have completely ignored the importance of early treatment and the use of therapeutics to help those who have already contracted the virus and are at risk of serious illness or death.

Kane noted that with trillions of dollars in COVID relief made available to the government, Biden still didn’t use any of it for testing.

“They had all the money in the world for testing, and they just didn’t focus on it…and that was a huge mistake.”

See for yourself:

Biden finally, however, appears to be taking testing seriously. His administration just announced that free COVID-19 tests will be sent to every home in America, with every household able to request four new tests through a government website. The tests will be delivered within 7 to 12 days.

It’s a sign that Biden realizes his error, sort of, but doesn’t really do much to solve the problem. If someone feels COVID symptoms and requests a test o the government website, they will likely have already recovered by the time that the test arrives.

Kane is right – this will blow up in Biden’s face and his policies have been disastrous. But what really matters is saving lives, and that’s something Biden could do if he just adopted the same focus on early treatment that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been championing for most of the pandemic.