CNN Reporter Interrupts White House Press Briefing To Grandstand For Liberal Agenda

( The Gateway Pundit got a little upset this week with White House correspondent April Ryan for asking several questions of Jen Psaki during Wednesday’s White House press briefing. Accusing Ryan of grandstanding and taking over the briefing, the GP claimed that Ryan was demanding mass immigration for Haitians and Africans.

But in viewing the exchange between Ryan and Psaki, that description is a bit of an overstatement.

While Ryan did have a 4-minute back and forth with Psaki both on the phony “WhipGate” story and on how the administration determines which Haitians are subjected to Title 42 deportations and which are not, her questions were no more grandstanding than any other White House reporter.

As ideologically motivated as April Ryan might be, she is still no match for NPR White House reporter Yamiche Alcindor.

Watch the exchange between Ryan and Psaki.

Every propagandist in the press has been pushing the lie that Border Patrol officers on horseback were “whipping” or “lashing” Haitian illegals.

Pushing this narrative, which every one of them knows is a lie, is the media’s way of giving the Biden Administration cover to distract from their abject failure at the Southern border.

And it worked, didn’t it?

The unprecedented mass of Haitian illegals under the International Bridge was a PR disaster for the White House. Then along came the now-infamous photograph of a Border Patrol officer trying to corral these illegals and the media couldn’t believe their good fortune. What better way to distract from Biden’s failures than by demonizing law enforcement and accusing them of racism?

This is why, despite the accusations of “whips” being almost immediately debunked, the corporate media continued to promote the claim as fact.

The White House, delighted to have something to talk about that doesn’t highlight their failures, jumped on the phony story with both feet.

From Jen Psaki to Kamala Harris to the President himself, this administration attacked the Border Patrol and turned them into scapegoats – over something they did not do.

On the View Friday morning – days after the viral claim was debunked — Kamala Harris portrayed the phantom “whip-wielding officers” of harkening back to the days of slavery.

Then Friday afternoon, President Biden vowed to punish these non-existent officers for doing something that never happened.

Honestly, this administration is coming down harder on a hoax than they are on whoever ordered the drone strike that killed an innocent family in Kabul.