CNN Pushes Fake Story Claiming Trump Had “Mini-Strokes” When He Attended Hospital For Regular Checkup

( CNN pushed an unverified story about President Donald Trump’s health this week, suggesting that he had suffered a series of “mini-strokes” that allegedly forced him to make an emergency visit to the hospital last year. The story, however, cannot be verified and President Donald Trump was understood to have visited the hospital for a regular checkup.

In a tweet, President Trump slammed the claim and CNN.

“It never ends! Now they are trying to say that your favorite President, me, went to Walter Reed Medical Center, having suffered a series of mini-strokes,” he said.

“Never happened to THIS candidate – FAKE NEWS. Perhaps they are referring to another candidate from another Party!” he added.

The claim comes from yet another book slamming President Trump, this time by Michael Schmidt. He’s a correspondent for…wait for it…The New York Times. Schmidt claims that President Trump went to the hospital and Vice President Pence was put on standby in case the president became incapacitated. And yet, he provided no proof.

According to the Hill, though, the book didn’t actually specifically say that Trump suffered mini-strokes. It “raised eyebrows” according to the Hill that President Trump used those words, but since the book was announced and the claims were made, several media outlets have made the suggestion. Could it be that the claims weren’t made specifically in the book to avoid litigation?

The truth, which is easily verifiable, is that President Trump attends annual physical exams at Walter Reed. If we are to believe that President Donald Trump’s health is a problem, then the Democrats should really start piping up about 77-year-old Joe Biden.

Everyone can see he’s struggling…including former President Barack Obama’s personal physician of 22 years before he entered the White House. Scheiner said Biden is “not a health guy.”

“He’s not in bad shape for his age, but I wouldn’t say he’s in outstanding health,” he said. “Could I guarantee he won’t have issues for the next few years? He has a lot of issues that are just sort of sitting there.”

But President Trump’s the one we should worry about, right?

Maybe we should take these claims seriously when the author presents some, you know, evidence.