CNN Guest Says Masking Has Harmed Her Child, Despite Claims Months Ago

( The CNN “medical analyst” who spent last year demanding children be required to wear masks in school last week wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post explaining why she would not be making her children wear masks in the upcoming school year.

Former Planned Parenthood president Dr. Leana Wen, one of CNN’s medical analysts, admitted in her column that making her son wear a mask during the COVID pandemic adversely affected his language development and harmed both of her children’s social skills.

Really? Who knew?

Well, pretty much everybody with half a brain who had been arguing the same thing back when it could get you suspended from Twitter or Facebook, that’s who.

In her op-ed, Wen wrote that this fall, her children would not be wearing masks to school. She argued that the availability of the COVID vaccines and the high transmissibility of the new variants means making children mask up isn’t worth the downsides.

Citing her own experience, Wen said her son’s language development has been harmed and both of her children’s extracurricular and “social interactions” have been limited due to mask-wearing.

No doubt fearful of blowback from the perpetually panicked, Wen clarified that her decision not to mask her children should not be viewed as her being “anti-mask” or in any way minimizing the threat of the COVID virus. Instead, she said her decision “reflects the evolution of the pandemic and the acknowledgment that avoiding covid-19 cannot be the singular metric of people’s overall health and well-being.”

She can make all the excuses she wants.

It doesn’t change the fact that Leana Wen once wanted COVID to be “the singular metric of people’s overall health and well-being.” She is the one who previously said unvaccinated individuals shouldn’t be permitted to leave their homes. She also called for vaccine passports and was a loud proponent of closing down schools.