CNN Contributor Compares “Let’s Go Brandon” To ISIS

( Over the weekend, Associated Press reporter Colleen Long claimed that the pilot of her Southwest flight uttered the iconic “Let’s Go Brandon” as he signed off once the plane had landed.

Long was so triggered by this innocuous phrase, she even admitted to asking the flight crew if she could enter the locked cockpit to speak to the pilot.

Within no time Long’s claim spread like wildfire on Twitter, with angry Leftists demanding that Southwest fire the pilot based solely on the word of an unhinged reporter.

Contributors to both CNN and MSNBC took to Twitter to decry the use of this “vulgar” phrase while comparing “Let’s Go Brandon” to everything from “Sieg Heil” to “Long Live ISIS.”

Yeah, really.

CNN contributor, and former FBI agent, Asha Rangappa suggested on Twitter that a pilot on Southwest say “Long live ISIS” before taking off to see how people would react. Because Asha believed that Southwest wasn’t acting swiftly enough to fire the “Let’s Go Brandon” pilot. Whereas if a pilot swore fealty to ISIS he’d be instantly fired.

Yes, well. Excellent take Asha. “Let’s Go Brandon” is exactly like swearing fealty to ISIS. What a lunatic.

Lawyer and CNN contributor Tristan Snell declared “Let’s Go Brandon” the “MAGA version of ‘Sieg Heil.’”

That’s not at all insane.

CNN talking head Jim Sciutto wondered what lesson the “Let’s Go Brandon” people are teaching their children.

They’re probably teaching them that it is possible to oppose the President without resorting to vulgarity – a lesson the seething anti-Trump Leftists never bothered to learn.

Amazing, isn’t it?

For four years the Resistance spewed obscenities at President Trump. The media celebrated every time a Hollywood celebrity said “F**k Trump” on television. Pussy-hat-wearing shrews had their children carry signs with vulgar epithets at their anti-Trump marches. And not one of these people clutching their pearls over the G-rated “Let’s Go Brandon” ever objected to any of it.

As conservative columnist Stephen L. Miller pointed out on Twitter, “Let’s Go Brandon” is exactly the kind of “de-escalation” of political rhetoric these fools claimed to want. It isn’t offensive. It isn’t vulgar. And it certainly isn’t “incitement” or “terrorism.”

But that is precisely why they hate it so much.

“Let’s Go Brandon” doesn’t mesh with their nine-month crusade to portray Biden’s opponents as “domestic terrorists” and “insurrectionists.” It flies in the face of that narrative, and that makes them crazy.