CNN Compromised By Hilarious Prank

( CNN was caught interviewing a liberal comedian in a report on supporters of Herschel Walker, according to Newsmax. Walker is running against Democrat Raphael Warnock in the Georgia runoff election after neither candidate received a majority of the votes during the midterm elections.

A “CNN Newsroom” interviewer reportedly talked to “someone who is standing by Walker despite the scandals that have plagued his campaign.” The supporter claimed to be “Jacob Byrd.” What the outlet did not know, however, was that Jacob Byrd is a character played by comedian Tony Barbieri for Jimmy Kimmel.

Byrd also had an “I’m with HER-schel” shirt on while speaking to the reporter, referring to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign slogan.

“I just think how he talks and, like, the stories he tells, and you know,” said Byrd, adding that Walker is not a very serious person and probably not the best person for the job, but has a great attitude.

The character of Byrd has also appeared mocking Republicans at a presidential debate and a Donald Trump fundraiser.

Mediaite reportedly reached out to CNN for a comment, but the hoodwinked outlet has not yet said anything about the matter.

CNN has undergone a tough time securing ratings as shows like Brian Stelter’s “Reliable Sources” was recently cancelled. The network is reportedly ranked behind both Fox News and MSNBC, leaving Warner Bros. Discovery to enact sweeping changes to the network in the hopes of turning the ship around, especially after the failed CNN+ streaming service was shut down after just less than a month of operation.

CEO Chris Licht has reportedly issued a warning call to employees of the company, saying that there will be significant changes. Licht has allegedly vowed to bring the outlet more toward the political center again, adding that he will fire anyone who cannot change their partisan tone. Breitbart reports that if the outlet only claimed to be biased like MSNBC rather than branding itself as “objective,” then it might not be struggling with ratings.