Clinton Turns Back On Clinton Global Initiative As Political Rumors Swirl

( We have reported extensively on rumors that failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is considering another shot at the presidency in 2024. There’s already so much evidence that she’s considering it, but the fact that former President Bill Clinton has announced that the Clinton Global Initiative will be making a comeback is the clearest sign yet.

On Friday, Clinton announced that the organization will return to address issues facing the globe today, ranging from climate change to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Sure, because what the Russia-Ukraine war needs is the Clintons to come in and solve it…

“Cooperation and coordination has never been more urgent than it is now,” Clinton said in a statement. “The COVID-19 pandemic has ripped the cover off of longstanding inequities and vulnerabilities across our global community. The existential threat of climate change grows every day.”

The announcement added that democracy is “under assault around the world” – a reference to baseless claims by the Democrats that Republicans are undermining American democracy – and added that the number of displaced people and refugees all over the world is now higher than it has ever been.

“More than one in 95 of all people alive on the planet today have been forced to flee their home,” the statement added.

The Clinton Global Initiative is an organization that exists under the umbrella of the Clinton Foundation. Its website describes it as a group that “convenes global and emerging leaders to create and implement solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.”

The organization has been defunct since 2016, when Hillary Clinton launched her presidential campaign. It was closed over concerns that it might be a conflict of interest. However, the group is back, and Clinton has three years until she could theoretically become president and may need to close it down again.

The organization is expected to convene for a meeting in New York City between September 19 and 21.