Clinton Appointed Judge Blocks Southwest Employees From Having Health Choices

( A federal judge has rejected a motion by Southwest Airlines pilots to stop their employer from implementing a COVID-19 vaccine, effectively meaning pilots will be forcibly dismissed and left without a job if they refuse to take the experimental vaccine.

The judge, U.S. District Judge Barbara Lynn, was appointed by former President Bill Clinton and claimed in her ruling that Southwest has a right to require its employees to take the vaccine. She did not, however, address the fact that these employees were hired without being told that at some point down the line they would be forced to inject themselves with a controversial injection that they don’t want and which may cause adverse reactions.

Southwest Airlines has asked its employees to take the COVID-19 shots as part of a Biden administration ruling that told all federal contractors, including the nation’s airlines, that they must force their employees to take the shot.

However, the airline was recently forced to relax some of its COVID vaccination rules, insisting that workers who don’t comply with the rule won’t be fired. It followed massive walkouts by employees, forcing the airline to cancel flights and disrupting travel nationally. Now, though, Southwest is asking all of its employees to seek out a medical or religious exemption if they don’t want to take the shot – meaning pilots may still have a way to get around this mandate, but are still basically screwed if they don’t have a medical condition or a religious belief to fall back on.

Employees now have until November 24 to issue proof of vaccination or request an exemption.