Classified Documents Biden Had May Have Been Featured In Video, Footage Suggests

( Gaps in Joe Biden’s story about his possession of classified documents contributed to Merrick Garland’s decision to appoint a Special Counsel – a decision the attorney general made before he sat beside the president during questioning.

The White House said they had no head’s up from the Justice Department on the announcement, and Biden wasn’t warned what was coming.

The documents date back to Biden’s time as vice president in Barack Obama’s administration. Ten documents involve Ukraine, Iran, and the United Kingdom. In total, there have been three discoveries of classified materials: at the Penn-Biden Center, a think tank in Washington, D.C.; in Biden’s garage at his Wilmington, Del., home; and an additional discovery in his personal library.

On Monday, the White House was forced to admit that there were classified documents found at the D.C. office housing the think tank Biden founded after leaving the vice presidency. The same day additional classified documents were found in Biden’s Wilmington home. Jean-Pierre was asked over and over again on Thursday by at least nine different reporters why the discovery wasn’t disclosed immediately or at least with the other disclosure.

Look, we’re trying to do this by the book.’ Jean-Pierre responded. ‘And I said yesterday, this was under review by the Department of Justice.’

She added: ‘There’s a process. I laid out what the process is. We’re trying to do this by the book, and it was an ongoing process. I’m not going to get beyond that.

Democrats faced a flood of criticism from Republicans, who had demanded a Special Counsel. Garland’s announcement came as pressure is building on the White House to explain how the documents were in Biden’s possession, why their existence wasn’t announced until after the midterm election, and what was being done about it.

Former President Donald Trump is facing special counsel under a federal criminal investigation for handling classified documents and other potential transgressions.

The twice-impeached president, who announced his third bid for the White House in November, was all but giddy upon hearing that Gartland appointed Special Counsel to review Biden’s document drama.