CIA Agent Struck With Havana Syndrome

( We’ve reported before on how American government officials and representatives abroad are increasingly falling victim to what is known as “Havana Syndrome” – a set of mysterious symptoms caused by what U.S. intelligence believes to be a hyper-focused energy beam.

Well, according to the New York Times, a CIA officer who recently traveled with William Burns, the director of the agency, to India reported symptoms consistent with the syndrome. It suggests that the CIA is being actively targeted all over the world.

The victim’s name has not been released, but CNN reported that unnamed sources could confirm an officer traveling with Burns earlier this month experiences the condition.

Around 200 American officials and their family members have fallen sick with the syndrome so far. The symptoms include dizziness, migraines, sickness and nausea, and memory lapses. It’s not new, either. The first time this was reported was in 2016 at the United States embassy in Cuba, which is where it gets its name.

Speaking to Reuters about the story, a CIA spokesperson said that they would not comment on any specific incidents or officers, and that they have protocols established that allow individuals to report strange health incidents.

You may remember that only last month Vice President Kamala Harris had her arrival to Hanoi, Vietnam, delayed by three hours after the United States embassy revealed that somebody had reported symptoms consistent with Havana Syndrome.

As it stands, nobody knows the true cause of the symptoms, but CIA director Burns has previously indicated that there is a “very strong possibility” that it is being caused intentionally and possibly by Russians.