Chuck Schumer’s Media Director Has a History of Gay-Bashing Tweets, Investigators Find

( The Democrats have a tendency of not practicing what they preach, and that was proven once again by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s Deputy Director of Digital Media’s Twitter account.

Caroline Burns, who has worked for the far-left Democratic senator’s office since May of 2020, didn’t stop to think that her history of posting homophobic comments on Twitter might end up causing her some embarrassment in the future. Tweets from Burns’ account dating back roughly 10 years show how she would casually use the word “faggot” in a way that Democrats consider absolutely beyond the pale.

Remember, too, that Chuck Schumer has frequently criticized Republicans and falsely accused them of promoting homophobia and bigotry.

In one Tweet from July 2011, Burns wrote, “Kill me I hate this fag.”

In another post from 2010, she tagged user “@L_High” and wrote, “youre a faggot.”

A few years later in 2013, in what appeared to be her quoting a conversation with one of her new roommates, Burns wrote that her biggest fear is that they would be gay.


We would post the original links to the tweets here of course, but as you would expect, they have since been deleted.

Take a look at this tweet, which was conveniently archived so it is always available in the future.

And this one.

And it doesn’t end there!

In a post from 2012, Burns said that she should have worn an athletics shirt that day because there is an “unspoken agreement with society that you’re allowed to look like a dyke.”


Even people who use these terms usually use them as a joke. How many people actually casually come out with terms like this unironically? Usually those who do are telling the world that they have a problem…

The question now is…will Schumer stick by his principles and fire her? Or does cancel culture only work one way?