Chuck Schumer Tries And FAILS To Force Senate Out Of Session, Block ACB Confirmation

( Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s latest dirty trick to stop the inevitable confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court was attempting to vote the Senate out of session until after election day. Senator Schumer’s vote to send Senators home on Monday night failed after GOP lawmakers stood up for the normal legislative process.

Schumer announced late on Monday that he would hold an emergency vote, close to midnight, to send Senate out of session. He intended to stop any votes taking place before November, and block the Senate Judiciary Committee from sending Barrett’s nomination to the Senate floor, where she is likely to be confirmed by GOP legislators.

It comes as public support for the confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett swells among the American public. On Tuesday, Gallup released a poll showing that 51% of Americans believe that the highly-qualified originalist judge should be confirmed to the Supreme Court to replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Schumer bragged about his efforts on social media, presumably knowing it was unlikely he would receive the votes he needed to end the Senate session.

“I am forcing a vote tonight to adjourn the Senate until after the November election,” he said.

“The GOP in the middle of a national election is using an illegitimate process to jam through a Supreme Court nominee to rip away health care from millions,” he lied.

Republicans voted 48-42 to stop Schumer’s plan, meaning that the Senate came back into session on Tuesday on schedule.

On Thursday, a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing is expected to take place, which will likely result in a vote on the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. As it stands, the Republicans have sufficient support in the Senate to confirm her. The final vote is likely to take place on Monday or Tuesday next week.