Chuck Schumer Pledges To Push More Climate Laws

( Over the weekend, West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin once again voiced his concerns over the bloated, unsustainable $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation “infrastructure” plan. This time, Manchin expressed his opposition to one of the central climate change policies in the proposed bill – namely the clean electricity payment program. This program would pay power providers to shift away from fossil fuels toward “clean” electricity.

Manchin believes the proposed “clean electricity payment” plan is unnecessary because power providers are already transitioning to clean electricity as it is. So why should the government spend taxpayer money to entice them to do something they are already doing on their own?

Following Senator Manchin’s comments, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer felt the need to double-down on tackling climate change. At a rally held outside the Capitol on Monday, Schumer declared that “we can’t let this moment pass by. It’s our time to act.”

He prattled on about “reducing carbon pollution” and making infrastructure “more resilient” and “creating green jobs of the future” and moving toward “climate resiliency” and “economic justice” as if that is the reason Congress had to rush this through.

But that’s not why Chuck is determined to get this bill passed. In reality, the reason Schumer is in such a hurry to get this done is because, like every other Democrat in Congress, Chuck Schumer knows Democrat control over the House and possibly even the Senate is not long for this world.

If the Democrats don’t ram through this $3.5 trillion bloated spending bill now, they may not have another chance. Same goes for their push to federalize election laws.

They’re not running out of time because the planet is about to burst into flames. They’re running out of time because furious, disenfranchised voters plan to toss Democrats out of office in the next Midterm.

This has nothing to do with addressing a “climate crisis” or “creating green jobs” or “climate resiliency” or “economic justice;” it’s about the pending loss of Democrat power. So they’re doing everything they can to cram through every one of their odious, unpopular agenda before their time runs out.