Chris Wray Says Cutting Law Enforcement Will Cause More Crime

( During a recent interview on the Fox News Channel on Thursday, FBI Director Christopher Wray sided against the Biden administration and made it clear the defunding the police is a horrible, horrible idea.

In the interview, which you can see a video clip of here, Wray said that defunding the nation’s police forces and providing fewer resources is not the appropriate solution. He added that doing so would promote “lawlessness.”

No kidding.

Wray’s comments come as the talk of defunding the police has largely died down. After major Democrat activists and political figures adopted the narrative of defunding the police in the last election, only for then-candidate Joe Biden to attempt to flip the script and accuse Republicans of defunding the police, talk of reducing police resources has almost disappeared.

Democrats know they have to keep order, especially now that they’re in power.

In the recent interview, Wray said:

“I don’t believe that giving the police less resources, less training, less people is the solution. I think that just promotes lawlessness. I think we need to be making sure that our police departments are able to recruit and hire the right people, that they’re trained in the right way.”

And as Democrats just try to pretend it’s not happening or just stop talking about it, Republicans are taking action.

The Republican governor of Maryland Larry Hogan announced last week that he plans to spend an additional $150 million on police in his state, under what he called the “re-fund the police initiative.”

People know defunding the police is a bad idea. Even the Democrats, even Christopher Wray.