Chris Wallace Throws His Own Father Under Bus For Change In News Style

( Former Fox News anchor Chris Wallace appeared on “Real Time” with Bill Maher last Friday where he blamed the current polarization in the news media on network executives discovering that news can be profitable.

Wallace said back in the “golden age” of television, Americans had limited choices for news, the evening newscasts from the three networks. He claimed the network news anchors back in the day believed they were performing a public service rather than participating in a profit-making endeavor.

Then, in 1968, CBS created “60 Minutes,” the hourlong news magazine that aired on Sunday evenings where Wallace’s father Mike was a longtime host, and things began to change.

When “60 Minutes” began making money, television executives realized the news could be profitable. According to Wallace, this is when network executives “started chasing an audience.”

In short, Wallace believes the success of “60 Minutes” is the reason news became a money-making venture rather than a supposed “public service” and that directly led to today’s political polarization.

That sounds like a bit of a stretch.

If the only reason CNN broadcasts such biased garbage is that it only cared about making money, then it is failing miserably.

CNN, where Wallace now works, is regularly ranked in third place among the three 24-hour cable news networks. It cares more about partisan coverage than it does about being a financial success.

Wallace also brought up the 2020 presidential debate he moderated between Donald Trump and Joe Biden that devolved into a 3-way yelling match.

Why bring up a debate from 2 years ago?

Most likely because Chris Wallace knows his white-knighting for Biden while attacking Trump is the quickest way to get a liberal audience to tune into his low-rated CNN weekend show.

Once again, Wallace told “Real Time” host Bill Maher that Donald Trump “went nuts” during the debate and interrupted 145 times.