Chris Wallace Asks Shocking Question About Coming Out

( Gloria Estefan, a singer-songwriter, did not want her daughter Emily to come out to her ailing grandmother, telling Chris Wallace that many of these topics are taboo in the Latin community. She told her to do that slowly.

In the “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace” interview, Estefan stated that many of these topics are taboo and not discussed in the Latino community.  The people see it, but they do not wish to discuss it, nor do they wish to see it.  Due to their open support for the LGBT community, she believed Emily would feel comfortable coming out to her. However, she was concerned about how her grandmother would react to the news.

Estefan claimed that she had a mother with ulcerative colitis who would become very upset and sick if she brought something that was not even important.  Therefore, she advised Emily to proceed slowly. Don’t just sit her down and announce it. Give her a moment to process. Estefan wondered if Emily sat her grandmother down and told her this, what thoughts would she be having now after she’s passed away, even if that had nothing to do with her message or delivery?

Estefan remarked that life is complex, and we desire to share thoughts with others. So they would realize these are necessary conversations to have.

However, the clip Wallace played showed Emily’s account of what her mother told her. Emily recalled her mother, Gloria telling her in that episode that if she told her grandmother she was gay and then she died, her blood would be on her hands.

Emily remarked she wasn’t prepared for that because while she understood that her grandmother was elderly, she was made to feel like she should just keep it to herself. Emily was upset about that.

Wow. Chris Wallace went from discussing policy and major political scandals to reporting selfish celebrities’ gossip no one cares about.