Chris Hansen “To Catch A Predator” Host Arrested

( Chris Hansen, the host of the legendary TV show “To Catch a Predator” that exposes sexual predators and pedophiles on air, was arrested on Friday after a Michigan judge issued a warrant. Hansen was expected to appear in court to provide evidence in relation to a sex-trafficking case, but didn’t turn up.

To be clear – Hansen wasn’t arrested for being guilty of sex trafficking, or for being directly involved with the case. That would be ironic…and horrifying.

Instead, Hansen was briefly detained after surrendering himself to authorities on Friday for failing to show at a Shiawassee County jail hearing in Michigan the day before. Hansen is in possession of evidence relating to an October sex trafficking case that saw police officers arrest three men.

Hansen was originally expected to present the video evidence in court which showed the three men meeting underage girls with the intention of having sex with them, according to a report from the Associated Press.

Hansen had provided an edited video clip, but a defendant requested the entire footage which they had hoped contained exculpatory information.

How? Who knows. But defendants in cases like this will try anything.

A lawyer representing Hansen said that the TV show host only missed the hearing because of confusion relating to the subpoena. Hansen was very open about the arrest, posting about it on Instagram.

He has 14 days to turn the footage in.

We hope we didn’t scare you there. Hansen was arrested, but he was ultimately just trying to help capture more predators!