China’s Military Has Already Violated Taiwan’s Airspace More Under Biden Than Trump

( According to data from Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense, the Chinese military has violated Taiwan’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ) three times more frequently during President Joe Biden than throughout President Donald Trump’s administration.

Analysis of data from Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense estimates the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) air force had flown at least 1,439 sorties into Taiwan’s ADIZ since Biden took office. This far exceeds the estimated 436 violations Taiwan was subjected to during Trump’s four years in office. China has repeatedly been violating Taiwan’s ADIZ since 2020, and they now happen virtually every day.

According to data from Taiwan’s MoD, the Chinese military did not venture inside Taiwan’s ADIZ in 2018. China started sending between 11 and 20 sorties into Taiwan’s ADIZ beginning in 2019.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense says there were about 390 sorties in 2020 and 972 in 2021. China has deployed an estimated 123 warplanes into Taiwan’s ADIZ this year.

According to Steve Yates, senior scholar, and director of the China Policy Initiative, China has imperial aspirations and will conquer Taiwan if the United States and its allies do nothing.

Yates said that If China meets little resistance and pays no price for recent escalation, the ‘international community’ risks approving more powerful attacks. Similarly, “tough rhetoric and diplomatic appeals” signaled to Russia that conditions were favorable to move into Ukraine. Asia’s economic and security ramifications are more significant than those unleashed by Russia in Europe.

The newest invasions by China occur as Beijing intensifies efforts to assert that the Taiwan Strait is not a global waterway but Chinese territory. This assertion was made on June 13 at a press conference by Wang Wenbin, a representative of China’s foreign ministry.

The term “international waters” has no legal justification under international maritime law, according to Wang. To create a pretext for influencing Taiwan-related matters and endangering China’s sovereignty and security, certain nations use the erroneous assertion that the Taiwan Strait is an international body of water.

Invoking the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, Wang informed reporters at the press conference that China has sovereignty, sovereign rights, and authority over the Taiwan Strait.

TheDCNF was directed to a U.S. government statement regarding China’s territorial claims by a Department of Defense spokesman.

The statement states that because the Taiwan Strait is an international waterway, international law guarantees all high seas freedoms, including freedom of passage and overflight. “China’s combative language and coercive actions against Taiwan worry us. Wherever and whenever it is permitted by international law, the United States will continue to fly, sail, and conduct business.