China’s Behind A Top Secret Military Ballistic Production Operation

( US intelligence agencies have determined that Saudi Arabia is manufacturing its own ballistic missiles with assistance from China.

Saudi Arabia had been purchasing completed ballistic missiles from China. But in recent months, several US agencies, including the National Security Council have been briefed on classified intelligence showing multiple large-scale transfers of ballistic missile technology between China and Saudi Arabia.

In recent satellite images obtained by CNN appear to confirm these intelligence reports.

The photos taken in October and November indicate ballistic missiles are being manufactured in at least one location within Saudi Arabia.

At a location near Dawadmi that was constructed with the assistance of the Chinese, satellite imagery shows this facility is operating a burn pit – an area used to dispose of leftover solid propellant from the production of ballistic missiles.

Researchers at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies told CNN that the presence of this burn pit is “the first unambiguous evidence” Saudi Arabia is producing missiles.

This development could have a ripple effect throughout the Middle East at a time when the Biden administration is struggling to restart negotiations with Iran to restrain its nuclear ambitions.

If Saudi Arabia is manufacturing ballistic missiles, it is highly unlikely Iran would agree to stop making its own.

But the problems don’t end in the Middle East. Any US response to Saudi Arabia’s actions would also complicate the Biden administration’s ongoing diplomatic efforts with Beijing on several high-priority policy issues for the White House including trade, the COVID pandemic, and climate change.

According to its report, a spokesperson for China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs told CNN in a statement that Saudi Arabia and China are “comprehensive strategic partners” who maintain “friendly cooperation in all fields,” including military trade. The Ministry added that this cooperation is not in violation of any international law “and does not involve the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.”

That’s not a no.

Sources told CNN that the Biden administration is preparing to sanction some organizations involved in the transfer of ballistic technology from China to Saudi Arabia.