China Tries To Shrug Off Spy Charges

( China is trying to shrug off charges of spying in the United States, claiming that charges against a Chinese national who was convicted in the United States of stealing trade secrets are a “pure fabrication.”

Because China is notoriously reliable on stuff like this…

On Friday, the United States Justice Department described how Xu Yanjun was convicted by a federal jury of plotting to steal American trade secrets from various aerospace and aviation companies. But Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin told reporters in Beijing that the “allegation is pure fabrication.”

Which is exactly what they would say.

“We demand that the U.S. handle the case according to the law and in a just manner to ensure the rights and interests of the Chinese citizen,” Wang continued.

Xu was convicted in the United States. He is charged with two counts of conspiring and attempting to commit economic espionage, as well as a count of conspiracy to commit trade secret theft. He also faces two counts of attempted theft of trade secrets.

It would make sense, too. It is a well-established fact that Chinese manufacturers often reverse engineer American products or any products made elsewhere, and then sell them on without any care for trademarks, copyright, or patents.

Xu is facing a prison sentence of up to 60 years and fines of more than $5 million. He is expected to be sentenced by a federal district court judge.

The allegations go all the way back to 2013, when Xu was accused of using several aliases to carry out his espionage and to steal trade secrets on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party.