China Targets Nancy Pelosi After She Criticized Their Arrests Of Protesters

( Zhao Lijian, a spokeswoman for China’s foreign ministry, advised US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to concentrate on domestic matters rather than “let Hong Kong bother her.”

After Pelosi condemned China for the recent arrest of Cardinal Joseph Zen Ze-kiun and four other opposition activists, Beijing told US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to “mind her own business.”

On Monday, Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian delivered his reply only hours after the Communist Party’s Qiushi journal published a 7,600-word piece praising Beijing’s efforts to bolster national security through different initiatives, including new Hong Kong legislation.

Pelosi condemned Zen’s arrest over the weekend on suspicion of collusion with foreign forces. Four other trustees of the now-defunct 612 Humanitarian Relief Fund
were also arrested.

The 612 Humanitarian Relief Fund provides payments for medical and legal bills for people jailed during pro-democracy rallies in 2019 and provides other financial help.

The four other persons detained were indicted for their involvement with the fund. They were imprisoned under Hong Kong’s national security statute after being accused of foreign collusion.

The arrest of a Catholic cardinal in Hong Kong was blasted by Pelosi, who called it “one of the clearest indicators yet of Beijing’s increasing repression.”

Pelosi said that Zen’s detention is one of the most apparent signals yet of Beijing’s escalating crackdown as Hong Kong battles for its liberties. It also signals Beijing’s rising desperation and fear of losing this struggle. This act of persecution is, in fact, a sign of weakness, not of power.

Pelosi called on people to denounce the arrests, calling them an “affront to religious freedom, political liberties, and human rights.”

Pelosi said if we do not speak up for human rights in China due to financial reasons, we lose all moral authority to speak out for human rights anywhere.

The national security law, which Beijing imposed on Hong Kong in 2020, provides China more influence over punishing dissidents and protestors and gives Hong Kong less judicial jurisdiction in cases.

Several countries have criticized the measure, including the United States.

On the other hand, Beijing seems unfazed, instructing Pelosi and the US to pound sand.