China Flips The Script On America, Tries To Blame U.S. For Ukraine Invasion

( China and Russia are close allies – and while China doesn’t appear to be too offended by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine, that hasn’t stopped the Chinese Communist Party from using the situation as an opportunity to hurt the United States.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said at a briefing this week that China “did not wish to see what happened in Ukraine” and rebutted accusations that Beijing was actually in favor of the attack.

“As for American hints that Russia had China backing it up, I’m sure Russia would be pleased to hear it,” the spokesperson said. “We won’t be like America and provide Ukraine a large amount of military equipment…Russia as a powerful national also does not need China or other countries to provide military assistance.”

On Wednesday, Hua also said that the United States has played a major role in the deteriorations of diplomacy between the East and the West, arguing that the U.S. is the “culprit of current tensions surrounding Ukraine.”

Hua also said that the United States is pouring oil on the flame while at the same time accusing other countries of not doing their best to put out the fire.

In the West, we call this “gaslighting.” It’s what liars do when they want you to doubt your own sanity. In China, though, it’s just plain propaganda. The kind of propaganda that communists of every stripe use to get what they want.

The Biden administration certainly hasn’t been very good at dealing with Russia, but is the U.S. really to blame for Russia invading a sovereign country?

That’s a stretch.