China Desperately Trying To Tone Down War Rhetoric Despite Threats To Taiwan

( A Chinese official attempted to downplay the extreme jingoistic talk of war with Taiwan recently after a viral video showed members of the Chinese military telling “enemy” forces in Taiwan to put down their weapons and just surrender to communist China.

It comes after President Xi Jinping of China told his nation’s military and press that he intends to facilitate the “reunification” of China with Taiwan, even as Western forces stand with the island and offer both economic and military support to defend itself.

A propaganda video from the People’s Liberation Army, specifically the 81st Group Army located in the north of the country, showed a large training exercise from January 4 of this year. A female voice narrates over the top of the video, describing how prisoners of war would be offered good treatment if the Taiwanese military simply gives in and accepts Chinese rule.

“Your defenses have collapsed, resistance is futile,” the voice says eerily.

The footage was shared widely online and shared by national Chinese media outlets, including the official Chinese press agency Xinhua. It was also shared on Weibo, the primary social media platform used in Japan, before it was picked up by Taiwanese social media users and journalists who acknowledged the video as a threat.

But in a press conference in Beijing, the Chinese Taiwan Affairs Office tried to downplay the contents of the video. Spokesperson Zhu Fenglian said that the People’s Liberation Army acts as a “guardian of the Chinese nation’s interests” in the Taiwan Strait and that the training exercise was actually performed to target a very “small minority of Taiwan independent separatists” who are interfering with the Chinese military.

“They are absolutely not aimed at the vast majority of compatriots in Taiwan,” Zhu added.

Really? That’s hard to believe, given China’s clear intent of invading the country and taking over its huge semiconductor industry.

China’s intent to invade Taiwan and take control of its microchip plants is so obvious, in fact, that national security experts have already advised Taiwan to threaten to destroy its own semiconductor factories and warehouses in the event of a Chinese invasion – effectively destroying the economic incentive for China to take control over the island.

Ask yourself…would any of this be happening if President Donald Trump was still in charge?