China Asked By Ukraine To Stop Russia’s Advance

( On Thursday, China indicated that it may be willing to act as a mediator between Ukraine and Russia after Russia rejected an offer from Israel to play such a role. Ukrainian officials say that China could be willing to take on the task despite the Chinese Communist Party still refusing to call the war in Ukraine an invasion.

In a phone call on Tuesday between Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba and his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi, Chinese officials were asked to use their “level of relations between Beijing and Moscow to force Russia to stop its armed aggression against the Ukrainian people – and while China still refuses to accept that this counts as an invasion, there appears to be some willingness to help negotiate a deal between the two countries.

Information about conversations between the two countries was relayed by the Ukrainian embassy in Finland on March 1.

The embassy said that Wang assured Kuleba that China was ready and willing to “make every effort to end the war on Ukrainian soil through diplomacy, including as a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council.”

A Chinese readout of the call, however, did not include any such reference to a promise about making diplomatic efforts to end the war through the United Nations. The same readout also called the Russian invasion of Ukraine a “conflict between Ukraine and Russia.”

If Ukrainian officials are telling the truth, it means that China is saying one thing to Ukraine and then doing another. Only on February 25, at the beginning of this invasion, China abstained from a United Nations Security Council Resolution vote that demanded Moscow stop its invasion of Ukraine. On February 28, China sided with Russia by voting against a proposal from the United Nations Human Rights Council to initiate an urgent debate on the matter.

Is China really willing to help Ukraine, or is the Chinese Communist Party secretly rooting for Russia? This would, after all, serve as a blueprint for China’s expected invasion of Taiwan and Hong Kong.