Chicago Teachers Refuse To Go To Work

(JustPatriots)- Teachers in Chicago voted on Sunday to enjoy more time off from work, deciding that they would defy orders from the Chicago Public Schools administration to return to the classroom and start teaching children again on February 1st.

After months of struggling with the union, Chicago Public Schools insisted that it was safe for teachers to return to the classrooms. Not only are the vaccines currently being distributed to the most vulnerable, but children are the least likely to suffer from COVID-19. But despite private schools in Chicago having been open for several months now, public school teachers have maintained their opposition to going back to work.

At one point in the discussions, the Chicago Teachers Union said it was “racist” and “sexist” to require teachers to go back to work.

That’s a crazier excuse to avoid going back to work than any of those teachers have heard from their students when they forgot their homework.

Recent news reports have revealed how children in Chicago, including special needs students and preschoolers, have returned to their classes only for teaches not to arrive. Some teachers have called in sick to protest the rules requiring that they return to work.

Does any parent want people like this teaching their children anyway?

The public school teachers union previously issued a list of demands to Chicago Public Schools, insisted that all classrooms remain virtual until every single employee at the schools has been vaccinated or until the positivity rate falls below 3%.

Which means several more months of waiting, while students don’t get the educational experiences they need to develop and grow.

Thankfully, even Mayor Lori Lightfoot is stepping in. Despite being thoroughly useless on crime in her city, the Democrat mayor is insisting that teachers go back to school, and issued a warning to teachers that they would be “deemed absent without leave and will not be eligible for pay” if they don’t turn up to work.

And when teachers didn’t turn up for work on Monday – some 18% of the workforce – CPS began locking teachers out of their virtual classroom systems. It created a back and forth, with the teachers union claiming the move was illegal.

All this because people just want more paid time off from work!

On Sunday, the Chicago Teachers Union said that its members had voted to defy the latest order to return to the classroom, so it looks like nothing will be changing any time soon.

We’ll check in on this story again on February 1, but let’s face it, it doesn’t look good for school children and struggling families trying to juggle work and child care during a pandemic.