Chicago Felons Released On Bond Are Being Arrested Again

( Defenders of bail reform and no cash bail often argue that there is no evidence that criminals out on bail re-offend. But they’re wrong. Criminals on bail most definitely re-offend. According to a local report in Chicago, dozens of felons released on bond have been re-arrested this year for violent crimes.

CWB Chicago reported that as of last Saturday, at least sixty felons were arrested for the crimes of murder, attempted murder, or shootings while awaiting trial on a previous felony. And those new crimes have resulted in more than ninety new victims.

According to CWB Chicago’s Saturday report, the most recent victim was a seventeen-year-old girl who was shot on the south side earlier this month. The shooter, who was arrested last Wednesday, is Malik Perteet, 22, a felon out on bail.

Perteet attempted to kill the girl during a marijuana sale on December 5. But hey, at least Malik Perteet was wearing an electronic monitoring device when he shot her.

Perteet was arrested in March after being involved in a shootout with another man. He was wounded in the shootout and an eleven-year-old girl was shot and killed. Perteet was charged with felony gun possession and released on $7,500 bail and electronic monitoring.

Two months later, Perteet was charged again, this time on a drug charge. Despite this charge being a violation of his bond, Perteet was released without additional bail.

This time, Perteet was ordered held without bond. If only they didn’t release him after the drug charge, that young girl would never have been shot.

Just days after CWB Chicago’s report, they had to add another victim of felons on bail to their list.

On Tuesday, CWB Chicago reported that another felon has been arrested for killing the mother of his children while he was out on bail for possession of a stolen firearm.

Edward Roscoe, 29, is now the 61st felon to be re-arrested for a violent crime while on bail and his victim is the 93rd person to pay the price for Chicago’s lax bail policies.