ChatGPT Allows Hate Speech, But Only For Conservatives 

( Experts are worried that the quickly developing technology might become an ultimate political weapon, and the most significant difficulties with bots are the faulty people behind them. 

A popular artificial intelligence known as ChatGPT has a number of issues, including a left-leaning political bias introduced by the coders and training data from a subset of news outlets. 

A recent data research by the Manhattan Institute finds that creators of the cutting-edge language model AI, OpenAI, instructed it to be more tolerant of hate speech aimed towards people on the right and conservative media outlets. 

The AI language module was particularly cruel to middle-class American residents. 

Neither Republican voters nor affluent conservatives were afforded significant AI protection in the form of reducing hate speech. 

OpenAI’s content moderation system is more accepting of abusive remarks posted against conservatives than the same comments made about liberals, according to a study by the Manhattan Institute, a New York City think tank focused on politics and economics. 

Also, negative remarks against Democrats were more likely to be categorized as hostile than the identical pejorative comments made about Republicans, the research shows. 

Conversational exchanges are the bread and butter of the ChatGPT chatbot. ChatGPT, as stated on the OpenAI website, can address follow-up inquiries, confess its errors, challenge faulty premises, and reject unsuitable requests because of the conversation style. 

Yet, there was an apparent discrepancy in the responses provided by ChatGPT when it came to queries about the genders. Compared to similar remarks about males, negative comments against women were far more likely to be categorized as hateful. 

Non-Americans of European, Asian, African, Middle Eastern and South American descent were less likely to be subjected to hate speech on ChatGPT than Americans were. 

The assessment that ChatGPT is “most aligned with the Democratic Party, the Green Party, women’s equality, and the Socialist Party” is unlikely to change. 

ChatGPT was recently found to be calling the publication of articles about Hunter Biden’s notorious laptop as misinformation. 

ChatGPT is a lefty.