“Certain Adults” Are Angry School Won’t Allow Illicit Photos And Books At Children’s Library

(JustPatriots.com)- Radical left-wing pedophiles are upset after the school board in Bucks County in Pennsylvania disbarred sexually explicit materials from being shown in schools, IOTW reported.

“No materials in elementary libraries shall contain visual or visually implied depictions of sexual acts or simulations of such acts, explicit or implied written descriptions of sexual acts, or visual depictions of nudity or implied nudity,” the policy by the board read. Exceptions for anatomy studies and classical art are permitted.

After what was reportedly a rowdy meeting, Daily Beast reports that one of the largest school districts in Pennsylvania passed a new book removal policy in a 6-3 vote. The policy allows just one adult to challenge the appropriateness of a book, where it will then undergo review by an organized committee. If the book is judged to be inappropriate, it will be removed completely from the library.

Of course, far left radicalized activists found a problem with barring sexually explicit books from schools. Opponents cited that the policy censored LGBTQIA+ people. “Your proposed book ban is evil and abhorrent,” said Steven Albert, an English teacher, reportedly addressing the board meeting to much applause. “You are, yet again, careless in the lives of children and their reading.”

Rachel Fitzpatrick, leader of PFLAG Bucks County, an advocacy group for LGBTQ+ community member, claimed that the decision was targeting marginalized peoples. “When we remove stories of marginalized people, we send the message that their stories and experiences are not acceptable, which adds to the stigma,” she said. She continued to say that kids should have a chance to learn and develop critical thinking skills, but that will not happen when resources are removed from the children’s education.

Other criticisms against the policy was that the language did not clearly define “sexually explicit content.” Community member Casey Wheeler said that “It should not be the responsibility of one individual to define educational suitability for an entire community.”

This is likely why any book can be challenged and then undergo review should it be found to be inappropriate for students. One really does wonder why these adults are so afraid of not having sexual pornographic books being offered to children.

In another example, Loudon County schools in Virginia removed books containing sexually explicit material after receiving national backlash when a parent was filmed reading sections of a book that was in her child’s school library.