CDC Orders Flights Halted From Afghanistan

( The Centers for Disease Control seems to think it’s the federal government. After issuing unconstitutional orders that banned landlords from evicting tenants who couldn’t pay – based on some convoluted claim that evicting people poses a risk of spreading COVID-19 – the agency has now ordered that flights from Afghanistan be completely stopped.

This decision seems a little more palatable than the last…

The Centers for Disease Control announced on Monday that the continued evacuation of Afghans from the Middle East to the United States could be halted for as long as a week as officials deal with an outbreak of measles.

Some 12,000 refugees are expected to remain in Air Force bases in the Middle East and Germany as the CDC works to stop the spread of measles among those refugees.

John Kirby, the Pentagon’s Press Secretary, explained that there were five diagnosed cases among new arrivals and that they are closely monitoring those who have arrived just in case more cases emerge.

He said that one case was confirmed in Fort McCoy last week and a further three cases were confirmed after a flight on Thursday arrived at Dulles Airport in the Washington, D.C. region.

Watch him issuing the statement here:

This is one of those instances where the CDC uses its legitimate power for good.

Not only are they stopping the spread of measles, a disease which we have long had a safe and effective vaccine for – a vaccine that, by the way, was tested for safety over a period of years – but the CDC is also temporarily halting the spread of potentially dangerous terrorists disguising themselves as refugees.