CDC, DoD Allegedly Running Black Ops Missions to Release Pathogens Across America

( An obscure website called Natural News is peddling a bizarre claim that the Department of Defense and the CDC are involved in alleged “black ops” warfare to release pathogens in the country.

The writer of the post claims that some man arrested in 2018 purportedly told police he was running a secret mission involving a virus. The name of the man, the place he was allegedly arrested, and any relevant link to the details of his arrest are not provided in the post. Instead, the writer goes out of his way to withhold details by claiming divulging pertinent information would get his post flagged by “automated text search spiders.”

While the writer claims the man’s arrest was covered by the Boston Globe, Vice and, he conveniently alleges that those outlets weren’t able to connect the dots the way he has.

The post also alleges that people who speak out for health freedom are being targeted with “aerosolized bioweapons.” But again, the writer will not provide any details to back up the allegation. He also claims that he personally was a victim of this Tom Clancyesque bioweapons attack which he cured himself of by treating himself with chlorine dioxide.

The writer then alleges that the COVID vaccines are a bioweapons attack on the American people. But so too, apparently, is COVID-19. The writer claims that Fauci was funding bioweapons research in Wuhan, China in order to unleash it on the country so that the other bioweapon – AKA the vaccine – could then be used on the country.

He also inexplicably claims that the COVID vaccines kill two out of three people.

He alleges that the government is waging war on the country and trying to silence the “truth tellers” by using weapons of mass destruction. He claims that Americans are living in a “biowar battlefield” that is run by the CDC and “rogue elements” of the Department of Defense.

The upshot of the article appears to be: the writer and a few others know the truth and everybody else can’t see through the lie.

But the writer provides nothing by way of evidence to back up any of these claims.