CBS Host Confronts Pete Buttigieg Over Biden Admin’s EV Push

A CBS anchor spoke with Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg on the intense push for electric vehicles (EVs) under the Biden administration.

Buttigieg addressed the many criticisms leveled by Trump, who said that Biden was frittering away billions of dollars on an unpopular vehicle.

According to Trump, Biden is only concerned with the electric car and not the gas-powered, even though the latter is the one that everyone wants. They’re spending all this money on electric cars. We are financing an automobile that no one wants, and that will never sell, for hundreds of billions of dollars.

CBS host Margaret Brennen informed Buttigieg in a Sunday appearance with Face the Nation that former President Trump is right about the purchases.

Buttigieg said Trump was wrong.

“He’s not wrong,” Brennen shot back. In the American market, 269,000 electric cars were sold out of a total of 4 million automobiles, and prices have increased by around 2%.

Buttigieg claimed that regardless of the year, the number of Americans purchasing EVs is rising.

Brennen then brought up the issue of Buttigieg’s inaction on the nationwide shortage of electric vehicle charging stations. 

She told him that, according to the Federal Highway Administration, out of the $7.5 billion that taxpayers invested in 2021, only seven charging stations had been built. She asked him why it wasn’t progressing at a faster rate. 

According to Buttigieg, the president wants 500,000 chargers installed by the decade’s end. It takes more than inserting a little gadget into an outlet for a charger to work. This is essentially a brand-new kind of funding from the federal government. He said they were collaborating with all 50 states, and each one is receiving funding to carry out this task.

Brennen interrupted and laughed, asking if it was seven or eight charging stations that were built.

A Gallup survey conducted in April revealed that the number of Americans actively contemplating the purchase of an electric car has decreased to 9%.

In order to reach President Biden’s target of 50% electric vehicle sales in the US by the end of the decade, the Biden administration implemented more stringent pollution standards in the hopes of forcing Americans to buy them.