Catfish Serial Killer Finally Caught

( Detectives from Indiana have reportedly uncovered a disturbing plot by a jailed pedophile to trick 14-year-old girls who were murdered in 2017.

Indiana police confirmed that the Delphi murder victims, Abigail Williams and Liberty Williams, could have been speaking online with an Instagram and Snapchat page set up by a pedophile pretending to be a male model.

The horrifying Delphi, Indiana murder case involved the two 14-year-old girls who were found dead near a railway track after going out for a walk together in February, 2017.

Officers confirmed on Monday that they had discovered a profile under the username “Anthony_shots” which posted photographs of a male model and was trying to lure young girls into communication. Known as “catfishing,” this practice of pretending to be someone else online is extremely common and is often used to entrap young and underage people.

The profile would also share photographs of designer clothes, expensive cars, and shirtless photographs of the male model.

The profile in question was mentioned in an affidavit for 27-year-old Kegan Anthony Kline who was arrested around 40 miles away from where the two girls were discovered just ten days after they were killed. Kline is still in Miami County Jail in Indiana where he is awaiting a court date this month relating to charges of child pornography and exploitation. ]

When he was first arrested in 2017 following the death of the two young girls, his property was searched and the FBI later sent evidence that he was using the Anthony_shots profile online to solicit photographs from underage teen girls.

Real photographs of Kline can be seen in this Daily Mail report.

Indiana Police have refused to confirm that the username has officially been connected to the murders, but we should soon find that out for sure.