Capitol Hill Police Officer Reportedly Dead By “Suicide”

( Something really weird is going on with Capitol police officers who responded to the January 6 Capitol Hill riot. The protest, which lasted a few hours and was nowhere near as severe as the riots seen across major American cities last year, has prompted two more Washington, D.C. police officers to kill themselves.

The so-called “insurrection” has been hyped up repeatedly by the far-left press and Democrats, despite the protesters being overwhelmingly non-violent, and yet still we have seen a total of four officers kill themselves in the aftermath of the riot.

What on earth is going on?

Kristen Metzger, a spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police Department, said that Officer Gunther Hashida who was a member of the Emergency Response Team from the Special Operations Division was discovered dead in his hope on July 29.

Metzger said that the team is grieving as a Department and that they have shared their thoughts and prayers with the friends and family of Officer Hashida.

Why would four officers want to commit suicide after a reasonably busy afternoon on the job?

There were no terror attacks at the Capitol, significantly less violence than what we’ve seen from Antifa and Black Lives Matter over the last year, and some police officers even purposely allowed protesters into the Capitol Building.

What gives?

Officer Jeffrey Smith, who had spent 12 years on the force, as well as Officer Howard Liebengood, who spent 16 years on the force, also both died by suicide after responding to the riot.

The men have been listed as people who “lost their lives” as a result of the attack, which adds to the false claims that the riot was a deadly insurrection.

Furthermore, Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick died as a result of a stroke a day after the attack, which the media has wrongly claimed was a direct result of the riot.


With so many officers committing suicide, when officers all over the country have dealt with significantly worse things while on the job, you have to wonder if something dark is going on…