Can Joe Biden Really Replace Kamala Harris?

( The Vice president’s job is a no-win. They are chastised for doing too little and ridiculed for doing too much. Harris has had to deal with negative media attention. Despite having an inspiring background, she has not achieved her potential. Even some left-leaning media sites doubt her capacity for the job.

The 19FortyFive wonders if Kamala Harris’s days are numbered.

They report that as Joe Biden’s reelection campaign shifts into high gear, there is a whisper campaign that Joe Biden might replace his running mate with a new person on the 2024 ticket.

Selecting Harris as vice president did not go as planned for the Democrats. She has made mistakes while doing what ought to be simple ceremonial tasks and has not helped the president’s public policies advance. But replacing her runs the danger of provoking a backlash from minority voters.

Nevertheless, Harris has arced from being somewhat invisible to being a liability.

Who could replace her?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

The socialist congresswoman would get attention because she was telegenic and could talk passionately in front of the cameras. People would feel more confident in her youth and ability to make up for Biden’s old age and lack of vitality.

Pete Buttigieg?

The secretary of transportation doesn’t provide much. The former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, previously ran for president, but he failed to win over Hispanics and African-Americans, two groups of voters Democrats need to turn out in large numbers for Biden to win re-election.

Gavin Newsom?

The California governor is getting ready to run for president in 2028. He is the chief executive of a sizable state and has made an effort to increase his name recognition on a national level by sponsoring advertisements in states like Texas and Florida.

Biden may not take such a radical move, but if he keeps falling behind in the polls, it could be regarded as a method to rekindle the emotions that got him elected in the first place.