California Trump Supporters Erect ANOTHER Hollywood-Style TRUMP Sign In Hills

( Support for President Donald Trump in California, a state that is considered a safe bet for the Democrats come election time, appears to be growing. On Tuesday, a Hollywood-style “TRUMP” sign was spotted in the hills in Riverside County overlooking Route 91. It comes shortly after authorities dismantled another Trump sign earlier in October.

Several Twitter users posted photographs of the giant Trump sign confirming that it was real.

Local police also confirmed that the Trump sign was real. Sergeant Shane Carringer of Anaheim Police Department confirmed that a helicopter was flown over the Riverside Country hills and found a sign next to highway route 91.

Earlier this month, a similar sign appeared in the hills beside the 405 Freeway. It was quickly taken down by authorities after it was deemed a “traffic hazard.”

Chief Public Information Officer for California’s Department of Transportation said that it was distracting drivers, but local officials were unable to explain who erected the sign.

Despite the chances of California voting Republican in the November election, President Donald Trump retweeted video footage of the sign and promised California voters that a vote for him would mean “no more blackouts, shutdowns, ridiculous forest fires, or water ‘rationing’ (coming soon.”

“We can win In California NOW!” the president added.

An unlikely win in California has not stopped the president from turning up and campaigning in California, either. Last week, President Donald Trump drew thousands of supporters to a fundraising event in Newport Beach.