California City Manager Responds To Cop Shooting, “Chickens Come Home To Roost”

( In a disgusting anti-cop outburst, the city manager of Linwood, California, which is close to Compton where two police officers were shot in the head while sitting in their police car, suggested that the two victims deserved it. In a meme posted to Instagram, Jose Ometeotl suggested that the “chickens come home to roost,” seemingly suggesting that the officers had it coming.

In the post, which was later deleted, the Lynwood city manager wrote, “The fact that someone randomly opened fire on deputies is to be expected in the society we live in today.”

While noting that he did not “condone the type of violence seen in the shooting of the deputies in Compton,” Ometeotl also said that “communities like Compton have been plagued by deputy gangs that inflict fear and violence in the community.”

Does he mean…arrest people who commit crimes?

“These deputies murdered, frames and stole from the community just because they could,” he claimed, without providing any evidence. “Good deputies never turned on bad deputies for fear of retaliation and when caught most of these bad deputies kept their jobs and continued on their criminal career.”

Screenshots of the post were captured and published by journalists online before they were swiftly deleted.

If the claims are true, as Ometeotl suggests, why did he delete the posts? If he regretted posting them, will he apologize?

On Saturday evening, two Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputies were hospitalized after a male suspect approached their parked vehicle and shot them multiple times through the window. A 24-year-old male officer and 31-year-old female officer were shot in the head and transported to a nearby hospital. Both are expected to recover.

After finding out about the attack, Black Lives Matter activists protested outside of the hospital and shouting slogans like “we hope you die!”

Sheriff Alex Villanueva told a press conference On Saturday evening that it was a “somber reminder” of how it is a “dangerous job.”

“Actions – words – have consequences, and our job does not get any easier because people don’t like law enforcement,” he said.

Isn’t it time that Joe Biden and the Democrats stopped their anti-police tirade?