Burger King Is Closing Stores Nationwide 

(JustPatriots.com)- In Michigan, the fast food chain Burger King has stated it would shut 26 locations in April, resulting in the loss of 424 jobs. 

The company started closing stores on March 17 and will continue to do so until next month owing to unforeseen circumstances. 

According to local reports, all 26 stores in Michigan will be permanently shuttered by April 15th. 

The Detroit location is the hardest hit, with 30 employees losing their jobs. 

A survey conducted by Comparably among 2,585 Burger King employees revealed that 29% of workers were worried about layoffs. 

Workers had an average confidence level of 5/10 in the company’s future, while consumers expected a “neutral” outcome from Burger King. 

Reports show that in an effort to reclaim its position as the second-largest burger chain in the United States, Restaurant Brands, the parent company of Burger King, appointed new CEO Josh Kobza to replace José Cil. 

Earlier this month, Applebee’s stated that by the year’s close, the business will have less than 1,000 outlets throughout the United States. 

Applebee’s had hoped to rebound from its 2017 location closures, but the chain’s fortunes have only worsened since the pandemic.  President Tony Moralejo was confident that more eateries would be opened this year than in 2022. 

Despite the country’s growth in recent years, FSR magazine predicted in January 2023 that the restaurant industry might suffer a 15% loss or around 100,000 establishments. 

Lease costs, falling visitor numbers, and wage constraints were cited as contributing factors in business closures. 

According to a report, 2022 was not good for Jack in the Box 

Nation’s Restaurant News reports staffing issues plagued the business at the beginning of the year. The chain’s revenues plummeted when it was forced to cut hours due to labor disputes. The difficulties plagued the chain at the beginning of 2022, prompting a price increase to offset the losses. The price of most items on the menu increased by around 10%.   

The future of Jack in the Box doesn’t seem promising if the current rate of decline continues into the year 2023.