Broadcasters Urged to Cancel Plans to Cover Beijing Olympics

( Some of the biggest broadcasters in the world are facing increasing pressure to cancel their coverage of the Winter Olympics set to take place in Beijing on February 4. Networks are being asked by human rights organizations and campaigners all over the world to cancel their plans to cover the event, which would deprive those networks of a lucrative opportunity to rake in advertisement profits.

In an open letter signed by human rights organizations from Tibet, Hong Kong, and China, the networks were implored to stand up to China and its abuse of ethnic minorities including the Uyghur Muslims.

The Associated Press obtained a copy of the letter, which was sent on Tuesday to Jeff Shell, the chief executive of NBC Universal, as well as a number of executives at other major networks.

A decision to boycott the Olympics would be unprecedented and would see those networks experience huge losses. It would, however, be a gigantic blow for China and an indication that the West will not cooperate with the country and engage in normal diplomatic relations for as long as the country continues to use slave labor and commit human rights atrocities.

NBC is reportedly shelling out $7.75 billion for the rights to air the next six Olympics games and currently works closely with the International Olympic Committee that operates out of Switzerland.

The massive payment from NBC constitutes around 40% of the total income of the International Olympic Committee.

The letter specifically asks that the broadcasters avoid being “complicit” in “worsening human rights abuses in China” and comes only a few days after the Summer Olympics and Paralympics games ended in Tokyo.

It seems unlikely at this stage, however, that the letter will be taken seriously as the Olympic Committee has previously stated that they are only a sports body and don’t address political issues.

At some point, people need to be brave and stand up to slave labor and human rights abuses, right?