Britney Spears’ Father Was Spying On Her Calls

( An attorney representing pop star Britney Spears said on Monday that her father “crossed unfathomable lines” by bugging her phone and bedroom. It came just days before her father, Jamie Spears, was officially suspended as the conservator of his daughter’s estimated $60 million estate.

In a court filing, attorney Matthew Rosengart revealed that an upcoming television documentary revealed some of the “deeply disturbing allegations” made against Jamie Spears which magnified the need to suspend him immediately.

“Controlling Britney Spears” is a documentary produced by The New York Times that aired on Wednesday. It contains allegations that Jamie Spears monitored all text messages and phone calls from his daughter’s phone, including some of her communications with her previous lawyer.

An employee also claimed in the documentary that Jamie Spears placed a microphone in her bedroom.

Lawyers representing Jamie Spears didn’t discuss the allegations in detail but claimed that his actions were made under his authority as a conservator and were done with the permission of Britney Spears, the court, and her court-appointed attorney.

It’s hard to believe that a grown woman would agree to a microphone being placed in her bedroom, isn’t it?

On the same day that the documentary aired, Rosengart demanded that Spears be removed as his daughter’s conservator “today” – and that’s exactly what he got. A Los Angeles judge suspended Jamie Spears as conservator and designated a temporary replacement who will oversee the pop star’s finances until a final decision is made.

Rosengart said Spears’ father’s actions were “unfathomable.”

An attorney representing Jamie Spears claimed there is no evidence he bugged his daughter’s bedroom, but only “rhetoric.”

Britney is one step closer to freedom.