Britain Fires Off Nukes In Shocking Show of Force

The United Kingdom is carrying out its first nuclear testing since 2016 amid discussion of conscription and World War 3. The Royal Navy nuclear submarine HMS Vanguard took off from Port Canaveral in Florida to fire an unarmed missile 6000 kilometers into the South Atlantic. The US National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency issued a shipping warning as tons of debris will fall as the missile burns out.

HMS Vanguard recently underwent a hundred-million-dollar overhaul, and the Royal Navy boasts that it carries more firepower than was discharged during the entire Second World War. The testing occurs amid a contentious discussion in Britain about whether the UK is ready for a major war, with some senior figures suggesting that the British people will be subject to conscription.

Head of the British Army, General Sir Patrick Sanders, recently said that the British people should prepare to be conscripted should NATO go to war with Russia. “Our friends in eastern and northern Europe, who feel the proximity of the Russian threat more acutely, are already acting prudently,” he said.

The General’s comments came just as Australian commentators made similar suggestions. Dr Alexey Muraviev, Associate Professor of National Security and Strategic Studies at Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia, said it was “time” for the country to consider compulsory national service, as he also warned of a potential war with Moscow.

UK Members of Parliament recently said their country’s military is “not ready” for a global war, a fact previously shrouded in secrecy. The Ready For War report, produced by Parliament’s Defense Select Committee, concluded that there is a dire shortage of troops, equipment, and ammunition in the country. Defense Secretary Grant Schapps said that the Western world has moved from a “post-war” to a “pre-war” era, prompting public alarm about potential conflict with Russia, China, or North Korea.

The report notes that UK stockpiles are low due to support for Ukraine in its conflict with Russia.