Brazilian Supreme Court Makes New Rule Impacting Election

( On the War Room on Wednesday, Steve Bannon talked about the upcoming runoff election for president of Brazil on October 30.

It is the goal of the Communist-Globalist movement for Lula da Silva to win. Jair Bolsonara, the Trump of the Tropics, has them in absolute terror.

Stopped by the left-leaning Supreme Court this week, a film about Jair Bolsonaro and the murder attempt against him was not allowed to be released before the election.

The court also ordered the unmasking of 30 Bolsonaro-supporting sites so that the public may know who they are.

The court also prohibited social media critics from calling socialist criminal Lula da Silva crooked, even though he had already served time in jail for corruption.

Brazil does sound a lot like the US!

In the meantime, on Tuesday, Socialist candidate and criminal Lula de Silva met with Supreme Court Justice Luis Roberto Barroso in a private setting. After Barosso left the meeting, a picture was made public and uploaded on the internet.

On October 7, when surrounded by reporters in the receiving area of the presidential palace in Brasilia, Bolsonaro erupted into a tirade. He blasted the Supreme Court justices, labeling one of them, Alexandre de Moraes, a “dictator,” and said that the media favored Lula da Silva.

Bolsonaro and de Moraes have been at odds since the judge launched an inquiry against the president in 2021 for “disinformation” after Bolsonaro questioned the reliability of Brazil’s computerized voting method since the 1990s.

Meanwhile, Bolsonaro informed the media that he had been “advised” to raise the number of Supreme Court justices. He remarked that some people claim I need to nominate five more. First, we need to discuss it in parliament. After the elections, we’ll see.

Based on those figures, Bolsonaro may be able to get enough votes to follow through on his promises. Oliver Stuenkel, a professor of international politics at the Getulio Vargas Foundation in Sao Paulo, said that Bolsonaro’s increased pressure on the court poses the greatest threat to democracy during a second term.

Here, in America, the left is saying that democracy dies in the event the right wins in the midterms. But the left is talking about expanding the United States Supreme Court.