“Brady Bunch” Star Responds To Affair Rumor

Susan Olsen would like to clear her spotless TV family’s name after reports surfaced of an alleged “sordid” encounter during the run of her 1970s hit sitcom.

The former child star, who played Cindy Brady on “The Brady Bunch,” has dealt with wild speculation about a particular incident. It involves her TV mom Carol Brady and her on-screen brother Greg Brady.

She said she hates to hear the whispers that Florence Henderson and Barry Williams had an affair.

She explained Barry had a crush on Henderson and treated him with great kindness. For her birthday, she agreed to go out with him. They had nothing going on in their relationship.

Before her untimely death in 2016, at age 82, Henderson discussed the “date” in detail.

The actress said he asked her out on a date, which she’d never forget.

His older brother dropped him off at her hotel because he was too young to drive, and she took him to a concert at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. Barry ensured we had a nice table, which was the sweetest part.

When the concert and dinner ended, his older brother returned to get him. She said she never made him feel like she didn’t take his crush seriously.

Williams mentioned the story of a beautiful woman in his book “Growing Up Brady.” In it, he claimed that all that happened on the date was a pleasant supper.

He said it doesn’t take much to get one excited when hormones kick in. He said he didn’t try to “get in bed with her.” All he wanted to do was hang out with her. 

Olsen has also been eager to put to rest rumors that she has died.

She said a young girl named Susan Olsen died after being dragged several blocks by a bus after getting her coat jammed in the door. The rumors that she had passed away persisted. She said she felt like Paul McCartney, in reference to the infamous death rumors surrounding him at the time.