Bomb Goes Off In Kabul, Afghanistan As Joe Biden Turns His Back On Country

( After the Taliban seized Kabul and the Biden administration was left scrambling to evacuate Americans from the Kabul airport, radio host Jesse Kelly tweeted on August 20 that President Biden doesn’t seem to be aware of the political minefield he is in. Kelly added that if one American civilian dies at the hands of the Taliban, or if an American military unit “takes heavy casualties,” Biden’s presidency is effectively over.

Six days later, two bombs exploded outside of the Kabul airport and now thirteen US servicemen – ten Marines, one Navy corpsman, and two soldiers – are dead.

It was the single deadliest day in Afghanistan since August 6, 2011 when a Chinook helicopter was shot down killing all 31 servicemen on board.

After Thursday’s bombings, it was learned that not only was the US relying on the Taliban to provide “security” outside of the airport, the US also provided the Taliban lists of the names of people to permit through their blockade. These lists allegedly included the names of Afghan allies the US wanted to evacuate in order to protect them from Taliban retribution.

As one commentator put it, this would be like handing Schindler’s List to the Gestapo.

In early July, the US abandoned Bagram Airfield without informing the new Afghan commander or the Afghan civilian government. The military didn’t even let the Afghan troops guarding the perimeter know they were leaving.

And because the US no longer held Bagram, the frantic evacuations sparked by the Taliban’s takeover were forced to be conducted out of the airport in the middle of Afghanistan’s largest city.

And when the Taliban swept in and took over Bagram, they released the thousands of ISIS-K prisoners kept on base. Those same ISIS-K terrorists could now launch attacks against the US and its allies at a ready-made, target-rich environment like the Kabul airport.

Which is precisely what they did on Thursday.

The US launched a drone operation on Saturday morning ostensibly to take out the “planners” of Thursday’s attack. However, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby refused to release the names of the two “high profile” terrorists killed in the drone strike.

Kirby was also asked if these two terrorists were “directly involved” in the Kabul airport bombings. But all he would offer was they were “planners and facilitators” for ISIS-K, and “that’s enough reason there alone.”

In other words, they weren’t directly involved and probably could have been targeted at any point in time as “planners and facilitators,” but he Biden administration needed the optics of an instant payback.