Boebert Slammed By Colleagues After Loss

Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert finished fifth in a straw poll for the Congressional seat she hopes to win in November. Democrats quickly lashed out and mocked the controversial Congresswoman, and even some GOP colleagues have turned on her and accused her of carpetbagging. Boebart narrowly won her Congressional seat in 2022 and has switched her attention to another district, hoping to increase her chances of re-election this year. She won just 10% on a new district poll, signaling a rough ride ahead.

During the first primary debate in the 4th District, Boebert said, “The crops may be different in Colorado’s 4th District, but the values are not, and I’m a proven fighter for the values that you all believe in.” Opponent Mike Lynch responded and asked Rep. Boebert if she would define the term “carpetbagger.”

Rep. Richard Holtorf, the Republican whip in the Colorado House, also expressed disapproval of Boebert’s move, but the Congresswoman appeared to rely on her national image – which some consider tainted – to hit back at homegrown candidates.

Michigan Rep. Lisa McClain roasted Boebert at a recent Congressional dinner, and during her opening remarks, urged lawmakers to keep their hands above the table and said no “touching” or “vaping” was allowed. GOP members laughed at the joke, made very much at Rep. Boebert’s expense.

Last September, Ms. Boebert made international headlines when she was caught vaping and intimately touching a man during a theater performance. Video clips went viral online, embarrassing the lawmaker and prompting her to offer an apology for having been asked to leave the performance as children were present.

The Republican said her behavior “fell short” of her values, but added that she did not remember vaping. Nevertheless, a contrite Boebert said, “That’s unacceptable, and I’m sorry.” Her staff initially denied any wrongdoing at the Buell Theatre in Denver but were forced into a climbdown when the footage emerged. The Rep. said she was going through a difficult and public divorce.