BLM Caught Pushing Castro’s Regime With Propaganda Promoting Castro’s “Equality”

( We know you knew already, but Black Lives Matter is a far-left movement that advocates radical Marxist ideas – and that was proven this week when the National Pulse revealed how the Black Lives Matter Twitter account publicly praised Cuba.

Yes, communist Cuba, that arrests political prisoners and makes life a living hell for residents who oppose its corrupt economic and political system.

The tweet in question was made on January 19th, 2015, and saw the official Black Lives Matter account promote an event that was supportive of the Cuban regime and its economic system. The event also praised Cuba’s “alternative model of social development” and said that the country promoted “equality and solidarity.”

Solidarity…with whom?

One of the groups hosting the event was Venceremos Brigade, which is reportedly a well-known communist front organization that was founded by the Cuban dictator Fidel Castro in the 1960s. It is believed that the organization is run by Cuba’s intelligence service.

And Black Lives Matter, an organization supported by Democrats across the board and even the White House, supported it.

Why won’t the Democrats even admit that this is a problem?

The tweet has since been removed, but you can still access it here.

The shocking report from The National Pulse also shows how leaders of the BLM movement have even previously visited Cuba with the organization, which begs the question…isn’t this foreign interference in the U.S. government if the White House is so strongly advocating the group’s far-left goals and message?

In a post on a BLM-affiliated website, BLM is said to have visited Cuba as part of a “solidarity trip.” You can read that report, so they can’t deny it, right here.